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Want to see what I have been doing instead of writing posts here?


Let me show you my little experiment. And please know that I am an official ‘hack’ at gardening. Google is my best friend!


Companion planting with roses

This is from the side of the garage. Three rose bushes framed with white and purple petunias, with leeks (good for roses) planted behind the roses and lavender and mint on the corner. This is right next to where we keep the garbage can, so the lavender and mint is helping mask the garbage smell.

Landscaping under a crepe myrtle

This used to be washed out nothingness. I took some rocks out of scraps and built up this wall, filled it with dirt, and planted the daisies (right) last year and the lamium and petunias (left) this year. I LOVE lamium. Soft green leaves with lavender blossoms and it’s a perennial. Can’t wait for the daisies to bloom!

Butterfly garden

This is next to the back door and frames the kitchen window. (Left to right) I planted mint, buttercups, parsley, purple salvia and oregano across the back. In the middle is a row of gladiolus’ (which I need to stake). I thought they would be pretty to watch grow from the window. Then across the front I planted yellow biddens (perennial) and purple petunias. I also planted some red carpet sedum to grow in as a ground cover.

Rose bushes

This little bed next to the water hose has one knock out rose in the front with a yellow flowering bush behind it (can’t remember the name). Then I planted garlic and asparagus in the spaces around it and a few petunias. This was random, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Container Garden

My mother-in-law passed down a bunch of pots, so I have a few of these container clusters. This one (back to front) features rosemary, carnations, petunias, spinach, romaine, marigolds, basil, some sedum, and a few other things mixed in.

Container Garden

This one has strawberries, spinach, petunias, marigolds, and lettuce.

Container garden and side flower bed

This container assortment is more of the same stuff, and behind it you see our side flower bed. This thing has a ton of stuff in it and everything is small. By next year, it should be dense with purple, pink, and white flowers. Can’t wait! I also planted some squash, cucumber, and corn in this bed.

Then, in the corners I have the bed flanked with hydrandeas, and creeping phlox.

Retaining Wall and flower bed

This bed has azaleas, two Cleveland pear trees, phlox, and petunias. Behind it we will be planting 10 lorapetalum bushes (purple with pink flowers) and let them grow to make a hedge.

Garden in front of utility box

This used to be the home of a very ugly tree, which my husband and the neighbor attacked with a chainsaw. With it gone, I needed something here but there were utility lines to consider so I could only plant small. So I planted three small variagated bushed, with trailing sedum and petunias. I looked for perennials that required little water since this is on a slope and in full sun.

Cherry Tomatoes in containers

Besides all that I planted some tomatoes and peppers in containers. The tomatoes are green, so exciting!! We will be enjoying them soon.


In addition, I planted a row of blueberries and roses across the other fence and rhododendrons in the far corner.


It doesn’t look like much now, but I can’t wait to see everything once it grows in and the boys are really enjoying watching everything grow. Never thought I would be the gardening type, but I love it!


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  • 10 days ago   /   ReplyAmy

    We have a soaker hose in the big flower beds, a sprinkler in the middle of the yard, and I hand water anything else with a spray nozzle. It’s not bad. And the boys like watching.

  • 10 days ago   /   ReplyMomma

    WOW you have been busy. Looks great. Do you have a watering system? Can’t wait to see in person.

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