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Budget Momma: CVS, Walgreens and Kroger Coupon Plan

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After two weeks of experiencing a road block on my usual price matching at Wal-Mart (they weren’t willing to give me the price after Register Rewards or Extra Care Bucks), I decided to go back to the pharmacies. I’m not a fan of getting to the register with a mega game plan laid out and be told that I can’t do what I had planned. So I am writing Wal-Mart corporate for an official answer to the question. If they say yes, then I will be carrying their response with me on future trips. 🙂

Until then, back to the way I used to do things.

And let me say that I love, love, love that the Southern Saver lady posts Kroger’s ad and match-up Sunday. One thing that isn’t on this list, is Ivory Soap (3 pack) is on sale through today for $1.00 and a .50 coupon came out in Sunday’s paper. After that little baby doubles, my soap is free. So, I will be making an extra trip to Kroger today just to get some free soap.

Some of my favorite buys this week include Puffs tissue for 63 cents a box (don’t need it now, but we will in just a few months), Dawn dish soap for 50 cents, and Skinny Cow Ice-cream treats for FREE.

Kroger Coupon Spreadsheet

Walgreens Coupon Spreadsheet

CVS Spreadsheet

Let me also add a bit about driving from store to store.

Although I go to different stores, they are not out of my way. There are lots of shopping centers close to my house and I can be at any of these stores in less than five minutes. I make my list and have everything set and then go shopping when I am driving in that general direction. I wouldn’t recommend driving 20 minutes to get a $1.00 FREE Ice-cream treat.

Stuff You Don’t Want to Forget

My couponing process usually takes about an hour not including shopping time (not too bad). Here’s what I do:

  1. Sunday afternoons I spend one hour max sorting the Sunday ads, clipping the coupons and putting them in my binder. How?
  1. Buy five papers
  2. Separate the ads and collate the same ones together. (i.e., Five ads for Pantene should be in one stack.)
  3. Print out the sorting sheets and lay them out on your table. (Click here for the sorting sheets)
  4. Cut five coupons at once. Three options: scissors, paper cutter, paper slicer and cutting board.
  5. When you cut the coupons, place them in the relevant category. (i.e., Cheerios coupons go in the ‘Cereal’ section.
  6. Finish cutting all coupons. I keep a trash can next to the table and throw the remains right in the trash can.
  7. Finally, start with the first section on your sorting sheet and put your coupons in your desired organizer. (options: envelopes, accordion file folder, binder with sections and plastic sheets)
  • Make sure you save your CVS, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens ad out of the paper (you’ll need them).
  1. Visit www.southernsavers.com and look at the coupon matchups posted weekly.
  2. There is also a coupon database on this website that helps you check if there are coupons to go with the ad that you don’t have.
  • Print coupons when you have a second. I don’t know how long this takes because I’ve worked it into my routine. The boys watch Baby Einstein before nap time and I send a bunch of coupons to the printer. Put them in a stack and save them for Sunday when I cut them at the same time as the ads. (Cutting once a week saves tons of time.)


1. Go to http://www.southernsavers.com. Look at the weekly list for Kroger () or any other store you are interested in. Create a list based, then copy/paste all lists into a word document. Then print. (You could print each out separately, but I try to save paper and ink.) Make sure to verify SS deals with your local deals at http://www.kroger.com – produce and meat deals often vary by region.

2. Print any printable coupons you will need for the list. Make sure you buy five papers each Sunday.

3. Go through your coupon folder/binder (store coupons from mailers, Sunday papers, magazines, etc.) and pull out what you need.

4. Transfer the items from your list you printed to the spreadsheet (this step isn’t necessary, though he helps me see how much I am spending and stay on budget). Click Here to get my spreadsheets.

5. Add any essential items that weren’t on the deal list you just created. If you don’t know the exact price of something, high ball it. For example, when I plan to buy ground beef, I set the maximum that I want to spend. Then I will find a package that represents that amount. If you want to double-check to see if there is a coupon, go to http://www.southernsavers.com/coupon-database.

6. Look over your list, think of your pantry, and create a meal plan for the week. This makes things easy throughout the week and helps you think about cooking double for future meals. If you want more help with meal planning, go to www.e-mealz.com – though there is a fee to subscribe to those meal plans. :-(

7. Join http://www.weusecoupons.com. Find answers to all your coupons needs there and maybe you’ll bump into me too.

Other Resources:

Order the coupons you need without ever clipping a thing!


http://www.thecouponmasters.com (I order twice a month from this site.)

There is a fee to order these coupons, but you can still save this way. You just have to deduct what you spent on the coupon, from the coupon savings.

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