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Budget Momma Grocery List: 3/16/2011

Budget Momma Grocery Shopping ListI know – I know … you’re going to look at my list and think, “What? Have you lost your mind?”

This week’s Mega Event at Kroger includes my husband’s all-time favorite food – Tombstone Pizza‘s for 2.49. Considering they are usually a wopping 4.49 and I have two coupons (buy 5 get 2.25 off), I am buying 10 pizzas this week! I know – the preservatives, the fat, the calories … you don’t have to tell me. But 6 1/2 years into marriage I don’t try to dictate to my husband what he should and shouldn’t eat. That’s an ugly scenario that I have tried before … believe me, it doesn’t work. And besides, at the end of a crazy long day with the kids it is nice – every once in a while – not to have to cook dinner (he gets home after the kids eat most nights).

My other super-duper favorite buy this week is Annie’s Organic Mac-N-Cheese for 49 cents! My boys love this stuff and I mix in baby food carrots and squash to make me feel better about it. :-/ I have 10 boxes on my list, but at 49 cents a box I just might buy a few more. Just keep track of your Mega items – 10 items = $5.00 off. I figure the sale price in my cost on my grocery list and highlight the quantity of all Mega items to help me stay on target.

Also, Aldi has good prices on produce like bananas and sweet potatoes, so I am going to fill in with a trip to Aldi later this week.

So here it is, and remember to check out coupons at Southern Savers or make an easy grocery list by using your Kroger account online (click the items you want out of the ad and Kroger will email you a list).

Grocery List 3.16.2011

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