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Couponing Made Easy: Free Spreadsheets

I know how it is. Life is busy and getting organized seems impossible. Then once you’re organized, taking the time to clip the coupons, go through the ads, and put together a list just doesn’t seem worth it.

Click Here to download a simple spreadsheet of store coupon policies for Kroger, Schnucks, Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS, Weis, Publix, and Shoprite.

So, let me help you stay on budget and take a bit of the headache out of couponing. Download the following spreadsheets and stay tuned for my grocery lists – which I post Tuesday/Wednesday evening (or whenever I have a minute away from my two monkeys) – and other money saving tips.

Please note that these spreadsheets do not calculate tax. Depending on the state in which you live, you may or many not have to pay tax on the pre-discounted price. In Tennessee, for example, if and item is 12.99 and after coupons and discounts I pay 99 cents, I still have to pay tax on 12.99.

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(Note: As of 10/17/2011, I will upload weekly modified spreadsheets to this page to ease shopping efforts and to make any changes that have occurred as a result of policy changes. If there is a change in policy that I have not noted, please let me know.)

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  • 6 days ago   /   ReplyNeila

    In the link above, it takes you to an article about Dulcolax. I’m not sure why it would do that. I’d like to check out the spreadsheets, but the information is not coming up correctly. Thanks.

    • 6 days ago   /   ReplyNeila

      Sorry, should’ve said that the link for Walgreen’s spreadsheet goes to a post about Dulcolax.

    • 2 days ago   /   ReplyAmy

      Hi Neila,

      I understand your confusion and apologize. The link is correct as it directs you to the last post I did about couponing at Walgreens and the spreadsheet that went along with that trip. I have been very busy lately, and haven’t posted here as I used to and need to reintegrate it into my routine.

      If you look at the bottom of that post, you will see a link to the spreadsheet. Good luck in coupon land!

      I love my stockpile – been living off of it for the past few months. Haven’t bought laundry detergent, toothpaste, shampoo or deodorant in nearly 6 months I think. Basically, it has been so long I can’t remember.

  • 2 days ago   /   Replyaffordable price for all

    affordable price for all…

    […]Couponing Made Easy: Free Spreadsheets | 6:33 Woman[…]…

  • 28 days ago   /   ReplyRobin

    One quick question…how do you figure percentage off discounts on the spreadsheets? For instance, Walgreens has several items 25 percent off this week

    Thanks! Robin

    • 27 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

      I always put in the regular price, then use a calculator to get the % off and put it in the store discount column. I use to have a couple of percentage columns and a BOGO column but it was a little bit much.

      Let me think about a different possibility. Maybe I can come up with something. Or if you have a suggestion ….

  • 30 days ago   /   Reply

    I just wanted to tell you how amazing your spreadsheets are! I have an Ipad 2 with a clamcase keyboard and I purchased the app “numbers” and downloaded your spreadsheets, so now all I have to do is keep my Ipad with me and add deals to each store and add them to the spreadsheets as I run across them. I’ll never forget a deal I run across on a message board, etc., again! Thanks so much for your hard work. You are much appreciated.


    • 30 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

      I am so glad you like them. Check back from time to time because I do update them. 🙂

  • 4 days ago   /   ReplyLori

    Love the spreadsheets. I hate to sound stupid but can you tell me the difference between the ECB cells and what the # cell is for?

    • 3 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

      Wow – that is a super old spreadsheet. I hadn’t realized it had not been updated. Thanks for spotting it. The # column was originally for the # of printables I had. But that was a little cumbersome. Now I list all MFRs together with quantity beside it. I can’t get my computer to connect to the Internet (I am on my phone) so it may be tomorrow before I can change it. But I will try – pending a call to ATT – to do it today. I also have my weekly sheets to upload if I ever get my computer working right.

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  • 23 days ago   /   Reply

    The Publix Spreadsheet link is actually for the Kroger spreadsheet. Are they the same?

    • 15 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

      I just checked the sheet and it is the Publix sheet. I had Kroger on the monthly calculation sheet, but Publix is on all of the other pages. I will make the change to avoid confusion. Please, please note that I do not have a Publix here in Memphis, so if anything needs to be changed on the sheet, I need you to tell me so I can make it more user friendly. 🙂

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  • 25 days ago   /   Replyalicia

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I’ve been couponing a couple of months now. And have been racking my brain trying to figure out a way to make it all easier. I’m sure your spreadsheets will be saving me a ton of time. And I need every minute! I have been spending HOURS and lots of them just writing everything and doing all the math myself. Makes my head hurt just thinking about it. You are truly a blessing.

    • 25 days ago   /   Replyalicia

      I do have a few Q’s though:
      what does the saving star mean?(Kroger)
      What does ISS mean? (CVS)
      What is the bonus column for? (Rite Aid)
      Do you plan on making a per transaction sheet for rite aid?

      • 24 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

        Yay! I am glad to help … these spreadsheets have been a work in process – I am tweaking them all of the time. Making them easier to use, etc.

        Saving Star = ecoupons that get paid back to you in cash – http://www.savingstar.com
        ISS = In Store Savings – coupons printed from the CVS machine

        And as for the Rite-Aid Sheet … it needs to be tweaked. I thought I had uploaded the new one. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. 🙂 Check back in just a bit.

      • 24 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

        The new one is up! Let me know how it works for you.

    • 7 days ago   /   Replylucy cabral

      I am trying to download the spreadsheets and I’m having trouble with it. Please let me know where you downloaded it from. thank you.

      • 7 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

        I created the spreadsheets. So I didn’t download them. The spreadshhets are in Excel, what program/version do you have?

  • 5 days ago   /   ReplyEric

    Can you add one for Walmart’s the now double up to .99 please.

    • 5 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

      Wow – I’m jealous. They aren’t testing this new double coupon thing in Memphis. Until it is widely applied, I don’t want to make a mass change to the Wal-Mart sheet … but until then, download the Kroger sheet (which also doubles up to .99 and use the columns that you need. Be warned though, if you start deleting columns it will mess with the end row calculations.

      I am also bummed to learn from my Wal-Mart store that they “officially” train their staff not to honor UP, Register and other Pharmacy dollar reward programs. Although this isn’t in the policy, they are making plans to add it to their official policy. So, now that I know that – I won’t be trying to PM those items anymore. Bummer – because I got some really great deals in the past.

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  • 20 days ago   /   ReplyBeth Anne

    The walgreens spreadsheet is walmart…Am I missing somthing? Have you added publix yet? I haven’t seen others but I just googled this to find it.

    • 16 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

      I fixed the Walgreens spreadsheet. Sorry about that. And as for Publix, our home internet hasn’t been working properly so we are changing services. So until the service guy comes out later this week, I can only do internet stuff at Starbucks. I usually do most of my posting at night when the kids are in bed, so until the internet is working … I’ll be posting pretty minimally. sorry.

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  • 18 days ago   /   Reply

    save a lot would be nice.. Not all of them take coupons but they some great deals….

  • 18 days ago   /   ReplyTiffany

    Can you do Publix Spreadsheet when you have time, that would really be helpful, thanks for all you do! =)

    • 18 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

      I have a list of spreadsheets (per requests at http://www.weusecoupons.com) I plan to add by next week and Publix is one of them. 🙂

      • 0 days ago   /   Reply

        Where is the Publix spreadsheet? It is July 28th.

      • 30 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

        So sorry for the delay. Yikes – sorry for the frustration. I just added the Publix spreadsheet and will have the other spreadsheets requested added by the end of the week. Now, I don’t have a Publix, so I’m not familiar with the store. I created the sheet based on the online policy and the ad. If there is something I need to change or add, please let me know.

  • 19 days ago   /   ReplyTamra Story Lankford

    I appreciate these spreadsheets so much! They are going to save time and keep me organized!!! Thank you so much! God Bless!

  • 19 days ago   /   ReplyKrista

    These spreadsheets are so great! If you happen to make one for Safeway/Carrs or Fred Meyer, I would love to get those too! Thanks for this. I was trying to make one myself, but am totally lost in Excel.

    • 19 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

      I will try to have a new set of spreadsheets up next week. Blessings!

  • 24 days ago   /   ReplyWenjie

    Hi Nikki.
    I haven’t tried your spreadsheet yet but I wll try it anyway since I always ending up frustrated after i checked out coz i didn’t get much savings due to lack of planning and strategy. I hope that by using your spreadsheet I will be able to know my out of pocket and won’t be surprise of my total at the cashier. Just have one request, i do shop at Alberson’s and Target is there anyway I can just use your spreadsheet made and change it to Albertson’s or Target or you might have a better idea sonce i am not really good at this.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent to us or me who tries really hard in saving lil money i have.
    God bless you and your family.

    • 23 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

      So …. I am going to add spreadsheets for Shoprite, Weis, Albertsons and Target. 🙂 My youngest had his first birthday party today so this week has been a little bonkers. I’ll have the new spreadsheets up by Monday. The only thing I don’t have set on the spreadsheet is sales tax since that varies from state to state. So, make sure you multiply the total by your sale tax.

      Example: If your sales tax is 9 %, and your total is $100 …

      $100 x 1.09 = $109

      I also keep track of my savings and we use that for vacation/fun money. Though this year it is getting used for our backyard overhaul (more about that in future posts).

      • 21 days ago   /   ReplyWenjie

        Thank you so much for the Albertson’s spreadsheet. God bless.

      • 21 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

        You’re welcome. 🙂 Let me know how it works for you. Test it out and let me know if I can change anything to make it better.

    • 21 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

      New and improved spreadsheets are ready for download. Hope they help! Since I don’t shop at Weis, Shoprite or Albertsons, let me know if I need to make modifications to the sheets. Thanks!

  • 26 days ago   /   ReplyDawn

    How about a shoprite and weis spreadsheet? or can say the walgreens one be used for that too. thanks

    • 26 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

      We don’t have either of those stores here in Memphis, so I’m not sure what their set-up is. I’ll see if I can come up with something for you though. 🙂 Give me a few days and check back.

    • 19 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

      Hey Dawn, hope you like the shoprite and weis spreadsheets. Let me know if they need modifications since I don’t have those stores here in Memphis. 🙂

  • 23 days ago   /   ReplyNikki

    Hey! I’m trying to figure out your CVS spreadsheet and what exactly would go under the Deal section and how it works. Thanks!!

    • 23 days ago   /   ReplyNikki

      sorry for the multiple comments!

      • 23 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

        Nikki, I revised the CVS spreadsheet to make it a little easier to use. And I left this week’s list on there so that you and others could easily see how I use it. If you have an idea of how to make it even better … please let me know. 🙂

  • 23 days ago   /   ReplyNikki

    Hey! First off I really like your spreadsheet for Krogers. I don’t have one here so I switched it to use for Publix. Anyhow, i’m trying to figure out your CVS spreadsheet and how it works. What exactly goes under the “Deal” section?

    • 23 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

      Hi Nikki,
      I am glad the Kroger spreadsheet is helpful and thanks for asking about the CVS spreadsheet. It’s amazing how something can seem clear to the one who created it and yet be quite confusing to everyone else. Sorry about that. I use the ‘Deals’ section to track incentive combo buys that CVS offers. For example, in this week’s add – if you spend $10 on certain products you get $3 in extrabucks and if you spend $50 on BeautyClub products you get an extra $5 in extrabucks. I am shopping CVS this week and will have my list posted sometime tonight after the kids are in bed. Right now my 11-month-old is trying to use the laptop as a teether! Hope this helps for now.

      • 22 days ago   /   ReplyNikki

        Ok, I get it! I was thinking it was subtracting the Deal column for the total but i see its not now. I get it. Thanks so much!

  • 9 days ago   /   ReplyHalene

    I’m actually trying to use your spreadsheet for my shopping trips now. I just started couponing 2 weeks ago, and are curious with how much I am saving! I mean, I take off about 50-75% of my grocery/shopping bills with coupons. But, I want to see it in dollars on a spreadsheet. I am only filling in 3 columns: item, cost, quantity, printable. Those are pretty straightforward, but need a little more guidance on what to do with the rest of the cells. Could you possibly email me an example of what goes where and an explanation? Thank you so much!

    Confused 🙁

    • 9 days ago   /   ReplyHalene

      Sorry, I must be tired… 4 columns.

    • 9 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

      The Kroger spreadsheet has the most columns because it has the most possibilities.

      Column explanations:

      Cellfire Coupons: These are coupons you load electronically to your Kroger shopping card (www.cellfire.com)
      Shortcuts Coupons: More coupons you load electronically to your Kroger card (www.shortcuts.com)
      PG&E Coupons: More electronic coupons (www.pgesaver.com)
      Mailers: These are the coupons I get in the mail on Tuesday and from the Sunday paper, basically clipped coupons.
      Kroger Deals: Every time I check out at Kroger, I get 1-3 coupons with my receipt. Plus, Kroger mails me coupons based on my shopping history. These go here, since they are based on my personal shopping.

      I hope this helps. Look at some of my Grocery List examples for more help:

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  • 17 days ago   /   ReplyEngagement Rings

    I really like your blog, the way you create posts and topic you covered are simply awesome. I understand how hard it can be to get the website visitors involved. I have decided to add your blog to my blog list.

    • 11 days ago   /   ReplyAmy Dunbar

      Thanks for adding us to your list.

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